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Acceleration Program in Toronto

Pace Global Advantage (PGA) offers global migration solutions for clients and their families, using a three-pillared approach that combines:

  • business facilitation services, including market research & analysis;
  • lifestyle services; and
  • immigration services.

Canada Advantage

Canada (population 38M) accommodates nearly every form of business and industry sector in a modern economy and provides access to hundreds of millions of people beyond its borders for greater economic potential:

  • stable banking system and regulatory regime;
  • well-utilized resources and low operating costs across the region;
  • generous R&D tax credits;
  • universal healthcare;
  • competitive business tax rates.

Canada’s trade is worth over two-thirds of its GDP, and approximately 88% of this value occurs between countries engaged in a Free Trade Agreement. Through the USMCA (formerly NAFTA), Canada has free trade access to the US and Mexican market. Canada is also part of CETA (Canada-EU) and CPTPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership).

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