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Pace Global Advantage is a consulting firm that focuses on business facilitation, market studies, startup support, and immigration solutions.

Pace Global Advantage (PGA) offers global migration solutions for clients and their families, using a combination of business facilitation services (including market research), lifestyle services, and immigration services. PGA also serves investor immigration clients around the world who are looking for opportunities for their family and a portion of their wealth, a new business venture, or an alternative residence. We offer end-to-end service to help you invest in your future, from facilitating personal exploratory visits to investment and financial advisory to lifestyle and migration services.

Canada is the second most desired destination for would-be migrants. Pace Global Advantage works closely with Pace Immigration – from your first consultation to obtaining your permanent residency, PGA will be at your service and provide guidance for you and your family’s journey.

The Pace Global Advantage is a custom-tailored and full-service experience making it as easy as possible for you to live and grow along with your business. You can rely on our support with the highest quality of service available.



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Business Analyst

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Business Analyst
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