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Starting a business in Canada

PGA offers soft landing programs to clients interested in entering the Canadian market.

Early-stage companies

We offer a wide variety of services to tech entrepreneurs who are just getting started with an idea/concept– from discovery phase, to design and prototyping to the development of the Minimum Viable Product. We handhold founders through these various stages of product development including user testing and feedback gathering. We also write their business plan, which includes their business and operational strategy as well as financial forecasts and models. We connect such businesses to incubators and accelerator programs that will help founders validate their business model, as well as to the relevant resources, talent and partner network.

Mid and later-stage ventures

For businesses that have a ready product, we connect them with partners in the Canadian tech ecosystem, incubation programs right for their stage of product development and revenue, as well as investor groups for funding rounds. For non-tech companies, we connect them with the right industry partners, help them test and validate their product in the Canadian market, deliver industry-specific insights and reports that would assist them in comfortably establishing and scaling their business in the region.


Other business services

We offer companies service such incorporation, tax registration and patent/IP consulting. We also develop marketing and customer engagement strategies including social media campaigns.

Our Business And Migration Solutions

To the right you will find just a few of the many business and migration solutions we offer here at PGA. Our service offerings are ever-expanding and most importantly, completely tailored to our clients’ needs.