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Business Facilitation

If you are looking for new business opportunities, our team is ready to assist you to pursue ventures throughout Canada.

Though our focus is on the city of Toronto and the province of Ontario, our team is capable of assisting clients pursue ventures throughout Canada. PGA’s insight regarding the existing commercial landscape allows us to assist you in reaching informed decisions in identifying and analyzing market opportunities.

Our approach to business facilitation involves both providing our clients with relevant information and data, as well as connecting them with business leaders and organizations, and prominent government officials.

Should you choose to invest or establish a business in Canada, PGA will facilitate that process by guiding and assisting you in completing the governmental and regulatory procedures—such as carrying out name searches and incorporating your business, advising as to compliance and regulatory oversight, providing guidance in establishing accounting and auditing services. In assisting you pursue your investment or business venture, we will provide you with use of the physical facility as needed—a furnished office and board room—and we can advise and support you in meeting your human resources needs. 

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Business Exploratory Visits
PGA offers soft landing programs to clients interested in entering the Canadian market.
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Migration Services
PGA handles the complex challenges of immigration by providing personalized options for you and your family.
Market Studies
PGA provides market research to ensure your product or startup can compete in Canada.