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Market Studies

PGA provides market research to see how your product fits in the Canadian ecosystem

Our team possesses the knowledge and information that will allow you to identify the structure of your industry in Canada, from supply chains (distributors, retailers) to pertinent regulations and market trends. We will guide and assist you with compiling a business plan, as well as negotiating with potential business partners.

For clients aiming to migrate to Canada and start a business, our team will consult with you about your experience, and help tailor your business idea in order to be innovative and successful in Canada’s business environment. PGA will develop a professionally-written business plan, including market analysis for your product sector, income projections, and business strategy. Further, we will match you with a suitable business accelerator, guide you through the incorporation process, and connect you with partners — from suppliers of raw materials, to technology providers, to marketing services.

For producers interested in entering the Canadian market, PGA will provide a detailed export manual, personalized for your product and sector. As well as market research on competition, supply networks, and merchandising, our team will organize focus groups to get practical feedback from Canadian consumers. We will likewise provide an in-depth view of compliance issues that your product will face, and arrange for you to participate in trade shows.

Business Facilitation
PGA provides a variety of business facilitation services in Toronto and throughout Canada. Learn more about how we can help.
Business Exploratory Visits
PGA offers soft landing programs to clients interested in entering the Canadian market.
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Migration Services
PGA handles the complex challenges of immigration by providing personalized options for you and your family.