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Spring Newsletter

This has been a challenging year for everyone, but the pandemic has also galvanized people to imagine how their lives could be better, pushing them to take risks that seemed inconceivable before.
Our immigration consulting arm is strong, as our clients live in another country, so our services are done remotely regardless of the pandemic. We have focused our efforts in particular on the Start-up Visa Program and have many other projects in the works as international travel once again opens up. The COVID-19 pandemic has led PGA to strengthen its ties with Pace Immigration, which last year had its best year ever. PGA/Pace Immigration had a record-breaking year resulting in numerous Letters of Support from business incubators and angel investor groups.
We would like to highlight some of our initiatives throughout this year so far, who we are collaborating with, and who we are as a team.
We would be happy to hear from you if you would like to team up with us!

Al Pace


Nick Simone


PGA works closely with the client through the entire SUVP process, from helping developing the business concept to product launch, all while qualifying and admitting the business into a designated organization which will support the client and the team’s residency in Canada. Our services include:

1.     Starting a new business in Canada – We offer bespoke business services to companies of all stages – from early-stage start-ups requiring design services and MVP development, to revenue making companies looking to establish their Canadian arm.
2.     Market Studies – Our team will put together industry reports and market studies, covering all aspects from market trends to industry regulations, to help the team make the right business decisions.
3.     Business Facilitation – We help the client identify business opportunities, understand the Canadian business landscape and connect them with the right industry partners, vendors and investors through our strong connections in the Canadian business and technology ecosystem.
4.     As part of our integrated business consulting & development services, we also offer incorporation, webpage design, patent/trademark applications and marketing services.
We also offer business facilitation and research services to more traditional (non-tech) international companies, outside the Start-up Visa Program:
1.      Once international travel resumes, we continue organizing personalized business exploratory visits, to help the client understand the Canadian business environment and connect with key players in their industries, including distributors, vendors, investors and other stakeholders.
2.      Customized research: Our team will provide you with key insights on the industry, sector-specific current market trends and help you with specific business problems including pricing strategy and validation, operational support, financial projections, etc.
3.      Consulting and networking services: PGA has a strong network which includes investor groups, government officials and business incubators that focus on traditional businesses, that can guide the business with its entry into Canada.
We have insight on where Canadian sectors are going, what new technologies are emerging, where you can create jobs and employ Canadian talent, and what aligns with the long-term strategy of the government – working with us ensures future sustainability of your business.

Focus21 creates amazing products and helps businesses to grow. We build custom software from scratch or remodel existing software to uncomplicate and solve business problems. We have built B2B and B2C solutions, to help companies through the digital transformation process that is crucial to success in the 21st century.

Focus21 partnered with PGA to join on the global mission of helping innovators and creators around the world take their ideas from the drawing board to the reality. Specifically, we offer Start-up Visa clients “Start-up Co-Creation” that helps them secure initial investment and develop MVP. We are honoured to be partners with PGA and help its bold global mission!

After a two-year design and manufacturing history, Continest Technologies Zrt., established in 2019, achieved sales of more than $3.4 million CAD in the second year of its operation, 78 percent of which came from export sales. The dynamic growth after $270,000 CAD in the previous year (half-year) is explained by the fact that the Hungarian container technology company quickly adapted to market needs during the pandemic and reacted quickly to the changed market conditions with its scalable products. 

On returning to Toronto, he became one of the first employees at Pace Global Advantage.

At PGA, he specializes in developing innovative business ideas for the Start-up Visa program. “The skills needed to successfully run a company are very different from the skills needed to create innovative ideas,” he says.

Thanks to his familiarity with the latest research in AI and applied mathematics, he can often propose a viable idea even in a first intake meeting, which is in line with a client’s area of expertise, is backed up by academic research, and can succeed in the Canadian market.
“Many extremely useful tools are out there, but not used in industry because no-one has heard of them.” He believes that consultancies like PGA can improve immigrants’ odds of success in the Canadian market, help create meaningful jobs for Canadians, and increase the vibrancy of Canada’s start-up sector.