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Personal Support Worker

Salary: CAD $36,000 - $45,000

Location: Ontario

Personal Support Worker

CAD $36,000 - $45,000

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Provides personal care for residents including all activities of daily living to ensure their optimum physical, social and emotional well-being
  • Helping the patients with their daily mobility, such as assisting the patient to move onto the bed from a wheelchair, changing positions from lying down to sitting, safely turning them onto one side, etc.
  • Helping the patient bathe, groom, get dressed and undressed and assist in other aspects of personal hygiene
  • Plan and prepare meals and feed the patient if needed
  • Change non-sterile dressings and give oral medications as instructed by the home care agency or supervisor
  • Help with light housekeeping and cleaning work – for example, do laundry, wash dishes and make beds
  • Provide personal care to the patient with respect, courtesy, and safety
  • Keep a record of the patient’s health, daily routines, improvements and record any relevant health data for tracking purposes


Skills & Qualifications

  1. The candidate should have 3+ experience in a hospital/community care setting
  2. The job requires physical strength and ability to help the patient with mobility and caretaking tasks such as helping them safely move from the wheelchair to the bed, helping them with their daily walks, etc.
  3. English language test requirement – Band 5 and above. A higher score is preferred.
  4. Education requirements: A college/university degree or certificate in nursing from an accredited education institution is required


Employment Conditions

The incumbent must be able to perform all the necessary physical tasks associated with the care and assistance of residents.   

Please note that the nature of this role would require the personal care worker to live in Canada, possibly away from their families for certain periods of time which may sometimes be months at a stretch. Also note that the location could be anywhere within the province of Ontario. In terms of schedule, the worker may need to work flexibly depending on the patients’ needs and location.

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