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ContiMed – The Mobile Infrastructure for Temporary Medical Needs by Continest

PGA is honored to work with Continest for over a year. We were interested in working with this cool Hungarian start-up, as their foldable container is innovative, mobile, safe and economical and their management is highly professional.
Continest is a foldable, green tech container solution that cuts 80% of the logistic burden (transport, storage). It has a 10 year operational track record with projects from North America, Europe and the Middle East. Continest was developed with the aim of being the most-mobile solution on the container market and specifically in the temporary-building infrastructure market. Designed and built to be set up and stored with ease – even by a single person and a forklift – in just a few minutes, there is no limitation to the number of times it may be opened and closed.
Continest, in cooperation with PGA, entered the Pop-Up City contest of the Innovation for Defense Excellence and Security (IDEaS) Program of the Department of National Defence, and is one of the winners of Round 1 of the contest (Round 2 is ongoing). Continest’s goal with the Pop Up City Contest is to provide a solution which can support the DND and the CAF in their leadership role to meet the government-wide GHG reduction goals. Besides reduction of fuel consumption, the other primary gain of the Continest solution is protecting human health and the environment.
Answering to challenges we are facing with the pandemic, Continest established ContiMed initiated in 2020 by Continest team and external health professionals, a new lab solution. Continest developed its foldable containers for medical purposes filling a niche for fast, durable, environmental friendly and efficient mobile medical infrastructure. As a modular mobile medical infrastructure platform, ContiMed is used for various temporary needs in the public and private segments. Already 110 medical containers sold in 11 locations for laboratory use.
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