Road to Victory in the DND-Canada Pop-Up City Contest

Charting a Sustainable Future

At Pace Global Advantage (PGA), our collaboration with Continest Technologies Plc. for the DND/Canada Pop-Up City contest has been a defining journey since 2019. This initiative, centered on creating sustainable solutions for Relocatable Temporary Camps (RTCs), showcases our commitment to innovative and eco-friendly approaches. Continest’s expertise in mobile container-based relocatable structures combined with our strategic insights in global business, we have set new standards in sustainable living and operational efficiency. As we share this story, it’s a reflection of our dedication to transforming challenges into groundbreaking opportunities for individuals and business alike.

Overview of the Pop-Up City Contest

Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) is a defence innovation program which invests in research and technology aimed at meeting the demands of today’s complex global defence and security environment. The contest represented a significant opportunity for innovation in Relocatable Temporary Camps (RTCs), focusing on energy, water, and waste management. This initiative sought to enhance the sustainability and operational efficiency of RTCs, aiming to improve living conditions while minimizing environmental impact and operational costs.

Journey Through the Contest

Continest’s journey through the DND/Canada Pop-Up City contest, supported by PGA, was a testament to innovation and strategic collaboration. Our journey began with the initial application, where we provided insights to shape Continest’s proposal, ensuring it aligned with the contest’s focus on sustainable solutions for RTCs.

As the contest progressed, the challenge intensified. From an initial pool of about 150 companies, Continest advanced to the next round. This phase highlighted the importance of integrated solutions for energy, water, and waste management, where Continest joined forces with Eco-Growth and Innocorps to create the Circular City consortium. This strategic alliance culminated in the final round at the Suffield military base in Alberta in August 2023.

The Final Event, Victory, and Future Implications

At the Suffield military base, the final round of the DND/Canada Pop-Up City contest marked a significant milestone for Continest and the Circular City consortium. Here, their integrated solutions for energy, water, and waste management were rigorously tested, thoroughly evaluated under real-world conditions, marking the journey from the initial application to the ultimate demonstration.

The victory of the consortium signified not just the effectiveness of their solutions, but also the strength of collaborative innovation. This success has laid a foundation for future endeavors. PGA and Continest are now looking to apply these innovative solutions in real-world RTCs, aiming to transform temporary camp operations. This win reinforces our commitment to fostering sustainable and efficient infrastructure solutions, paving the way for new partnerships and opportunities in sustainable development.